The CO.S.M.I.C. project will respond to the needs on carers with a migrant background and professionals working with them by developing and testing methods and tools through which increased recognition and self-identification, support access to available services and improving
the attention to cultural diversity in existing services will be achieved.

In terms of tangible results, the project will make available:

1. An awareness rising package for carers with migrant backgrounds which will support self-recognition of migrant informal carers as such, in order to respond to the lack of self-identification among migrants of their status as carers which is reported by researchers and practitioners across Europe.

2. An informative pack for migrant communities which will raise awareness among migrant communities on the challenges faced by carers and will build a stronger capacity to support and orient them, thus reducing the stigma which is sometimes associated to illness and disability and to facilitate access to support services.

3. A face-to-face training package for professionals, which will be piloted at local level.

4. An online course for professionals working in partner countries which will strengthen their skills of reaching out, working in partnership, supporting and empowering informal carers from migrant communities.

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